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Meet Gatherers co-founder Clive Greenhalgh | Gatherers


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Meet Gatherers co-founder Clive Greenhalgh

March 23, 2016

clive greenhalgh

To get our brand new Journal going we thought it would be nice to chat to the people that make The Gatherers happen. A regular feature will include interviews with our favourite suppliers, friends and collaborators.

To kick things off, we're starting with our very own Clive Greenhalgh. Described by Fay Maschler as “London’s Most Genial Host” Clive has presided over some of London’s most interesting dining rooms. At his own place - The Ambassador, Clive promoted the relaxed, attentive style of service that is his trademark.

Here we get to know him a little better.

G: Please tell us when you decided you wanted to be a caterer?
CG: I ran my own restaurant for 6 years and occasionally we hired out the whole place for weddings and birthday parties. I realised that I found the process of creating these special events really enjoyable.


G: If you weren’t doing this, what would your other ideal job be?
CG: Sheep Farmer in Snowdonia.


G: What is your favourite dish to make at home for the family?
CG: Mince & Tatties.


G: What three tools of your trade could you not live without?
CG: Cheaney Shoes,  a corkscrew, Dr Harris’s Windsor cologne.


G: Can you tell us what gets you out of bed everyday?
CG: My 5 year old daughter jumping on my head.


G: We’re buying, what’s your poison?
CG: Kusuda Pinot Noir - rare & elegant Pinot from Martinborough New Zealand.


G: When feeling blue, what is your ultimate comfort food?
CG: Bread sauce.


G: Any industry pet hates?
CG: Cool Waiters.


G: What should your industry be doing more of?
CG: Keeping it simple.


G: What should it be doing less of?
CG: Looking so serious.


G: What does the future look like?
CH: Full of long days. 


G: What is your edible guilty pleasure?
CG: Anchovy Butter.


G: Whom in the field should we be keeping an eye on? (Any suppliers, growers, producers, makers etc.)
CG: Andreas Veg in Chelsea Green - the finest greengrocer in the UK.


G: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
CG: Replenish the seas.


G: What is you passion outside of your profession?
CG: The music of Leon Ware.


G: What advice would you give your younger self?
CG: Work Smarter & Harder.


G: What do you like doing on your day off?
CG: Walking in the Little Stour Valley, East Kent.


G: If we gave you these questions, whom would you forward them to?
CG: How about Jason Yapp of Yapp Brothers Wines.


G: What ambitions do you have yet to achieve?
CG: Rafting the Futaleufu River in Chile.


G: If you had to name one, who would you say was the most influential person in your career?
CG: All the people who managed not to fire me. 

(photo credit - Giuseppe Cirasino)