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Meet Gatherers co-founder Ashley Hancill | Gatherers


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Meet Gatherers co-founder Ashley Hancill

April 1, 2016

ashley hancill

For those who don’t know, Ashley Hancill is our brilliant chef. He has a wealth of experience having served his apprenticeship at Claridges, he’s also worked with three iconic British chefs - Gary Rhodes, Marco Pierre White & Alastair Little.
His passion for quality ingredients is remarkable and his respect for provenance unrivaled.

With a ‘thing’ for cars and music, here he reveals his pet-hates, favorite tipple and what he might be doing if the chef thing didn't work out.


G: Please tell us when you decided you wanted to be a chef?

AH: I made mashed potato in a restaurant I was working in as a part-time waiter, it was the first thing I'd made from scratch. The next day I asked for a job in the kitchen and put myself through college.


G: If you weren’t doing this, what would your other ideal job be?

AH: Secondhand car salesman.


G: What is your favourite dish/drink to make at home for the family?

AH: Roast chicken.


G: What three tools of your trade could you not live without?

AH: Knives, timer, and temperature probe.


G:  Can you tell us what gets you out of bed everyday?

AH: A cup of strong tea.


G: We’re buying, what’s your poison?

AH: A pot of chamomile and mint tea.


G: When feeling blue, what is your ultimate comfort food?

AH: Chocolate.


G: Any industry pet hates?

AH: People that think they are important, we are just serving a meal; that is all.


G: What should your industry be doing more of?

AH: Taking care of its staff.


G: What should it be doing less of?

AH: Mistaking the word ‘new’ for the word ‘better’.


G: What does the future look like for Gatherers?

AH: Exciting, it's always changing and evolving.


G: What is your edible guilty pleasure?

AH: Fish fingers.


G: Whom in the field should we be keeping an eye on?

AH: This won't help anyone else but I frequently go to my mum’s allotment to see what's growing, once you've grown something you change as a cook, you let Mother Nature take control.


G: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

AH: Prejudice and intolerance.


G: What is you passion outside of your profession?

AH: Music.


G: What advice would you give your younger self?

AH: You'll always be working hard, there are no short cuts, get used to it.


G: What do you like doing on your day off?

AH: Go racing.


G:  If we gave you these questions whom would you forward them to?

AH: Joyce Molyneux.


G: What ambitions do you have yet to achieve?

AH: Make gatherers an example of how to treat staff and enrich the world.


G: If you had to name one, who would you say was the most influential person in your career?

AH: No one, I made this mess all by myself.